IC811NV-595 Barry Callebaut Dark Couverture Chocolate 54.5% 1kg

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Product Description
Barry Callebaut is among the world's largest cocoa processors and chocolate manufacturers, with an average annual production of 2.0 million tonnes of cocoa & chocolate (fiscal year 2017/2018). It was created in 1996 through the merging of the Belgian chocolate producer Callebaut and the French company Cacao Barry.

Product Features:
Dapat diaplikasikan pada aneka Patisserie & Dessert seperti , Custards & Curds, Ganaches, Glazes, Mousse, Sauces, Sponges & cakes, ice cream, gelato, sorbet, pralines, truffles

1 pcs

Product Specifications:
- Weight: 1 kilogram
- Volume: -
- Material: -
- Power: -
- Temperature Range: -
- Size/Dimension: -
- Model: IC811NV-595

About the brand

Produk ini dikirim oleh SerataFoods. Pengiriman akan selesai diproses dalam kurun waktu 1-3 hari kerja.

- 1 Pack Barry Callebaut Well Balanced Bitter Chocolate 54.5%

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